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The building that is now home to The Sudbury Events Centre has a compelling history worth the telling. In 1946, 12,000 Mine Mill Local 598 members agreed to contribute $0.50 per month toward a newly established building fund. They raised, if you calculate for inflation, $9,000 monthly at a time when the average home in Canada cost $6,600. In 1947, Local 598 bought the 19 Regent St. property.

Mine Mill Hall, built by Sudbury miners-50¢ off each Paycheck!

Photo of Mine Mill Hall in 1952

Since 1952, many stories have been passed down about the tumultuous times in and around the legendary building at 19 Regent Street. Now it is time to tell ours. The Sudbury Events Centre, is proud to carry a building that meant so much to Sudbury’s past, into the future for new generations of Sudburians to enjoy.

With 18,000 Members in 1948 Mine Mill Hall had to be big.

With 18,000 Members in 1948 Mine Mill Hall had to be big.

Mine Mill Hall hosted numerous cultural events in the 1950s: Many who performed here invariably tried to use their celebrity and freedom songs to bring attention to workers rights issues and causes. Entertainers included Pete Seeger, The Travellers, Paul Robeson, Leonid Kogan, the famous Russian Violinist, the award winning Haywood Playes Theatre Group, Utah Phillips and Charlie Angus to name a few.

The Hall & some interesting stories about Sudbury’s history.

The Hall & some interesting stories about Sudbury's history.

The Miners wanted to build a Union Hall that they, their families and Sudbury would be proud of. Sparing no expense, they hired prominent Sudbury architect Louis Fabbro who also designed the Sudbury General Hospital, the Caruso Club and the DeMarco Building on Elgin Street. Construction was completed in four years with a grand opening on September 30, 1952. Every miner knew they owned a piece of the bricks, collectively they were building footings and stability.

Wives and staff at gala opening of the completed Mine Mill hall, September 20, 1952.

Mine Mill ladies auxiliary in the 1950s

From 1949 and into the 1960s, the Hall served as an important focal point for local 598 members, their families and the community with social programs including dances, afternoon sessions for mothers and pre-school children, Saturday morning movies and Christmas parties.

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